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Senior FullStack developer

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11:47 28.02.2023

We need experienced full-stack developer who relish taking on the hardest problems. The ideal candidate has experience across the entire stack, but specializes in developing microservices using NodeJS, python, and SQL database technologies. Our team is front-end heavy with an emphasis on rapid prototyping and strong design. You have worked with modern stacks like MEAN, or React/Vue and are used to templating tools, CSS builders like Less/Sass, and building responsive UIs. You need to be comfortable working both with a team and independently, depending on the needs for the project.

We creating a totally new category in orthodontic treatment. While our competitors promise a great smile at the end of treatment, our innovative and fully customized technology allows our users to enjoy their smiles from Day 1. This level of user experience is powered by some amazing technology created by a collaborative team with skillsets ranging from orthodontist to engineering, design, and sales. We are always hungry for new talent and skills and look forward to what you can add to our team. If this sounds like the place for you, please send us your resume.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Work independently on projects cutting across the entire stack;
  • Front end development/rapid prototyping: work with our designer to rapidly build and iterate interfaces (Javascript, React, CSS, HTML);
  • Build out the prototypes into full features with strong software engineering skills;
  • Fix bugs across the entire application;
  • Deploy features rapidly without disrupting customers;
  • Develop unit tests (Javascript, Python);
  • Design and implement backend APIs (Python, Django).

Required Skills/Experience:

  • 2-5 years Python and NodeJS;
  • 2+ years building web applications;
  • BS/MS in CS or related field;
  • Able to work independently or in a team;
  • Full stack experience;
  • Computer proficient with the ability to use different treatment software and web tools;
  • Spoken English is a must.

We ll love if you have any experience in the following or equivalent technologies:

  • Microservices/serverless;
  • Less/Sass, Jade/EJS/Jinja, and Bower/Grunt/Gulp/Webpack;
  • Docker/Kubernetes, CI/CD, Jenkins;
  • TDD, Jasmine/Jest/Mocha/etc;
  • Swagger/GraphQL;
  • MySQL/PostgreSQL;
  • Experience with React/Vu, Bootstrap, and the MEAN stack (or Knockout/Backbone/etc);
  • AWS, Heroku, etc..

We offer:

  • Relocation to Georgia, official employment. Relocation from the Russian Federation is a must.
  • Regular salary indexation and bonuses;
  • Flexible schedule, you can combine work with study or hobbies;
  • Full medical insurance (including family), lunches in the office, learning English&Georgian;
  • Remote work is possible;
  • Friendly team, loyal team leads.
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