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Technical Account Manager / Project Manager (API Integrations)

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250000 - 100000 рубль
17:10 09.05.2023

The main purpose of this role is to provide consulting on multiple KORM services and their integration methods to Kaspersky channel partners, who would like to automate their order management process.

Main responsibilities

  • Lead partner onboarding activities both from a project management and a technical advisor perspective for all Kaspersky business segments (subscriptions, telecom, retail, ESD) including internal integration projects
  • Effectively communicate and educate partners on the technical architecture of the solution
  • Provide support for all existing integrations for channel partners and internal projects: Work directly with partners/stakeholders to research, troubleshoot, and resolve integration issues in a timely manner
  • Clearly and succinctly document communications to partners throughout the integration lifecycle
  • Manage relationship with project stakeholders, including internal and external partners, keeping stakeholders informed of progress and issues in order to manage expectations on all project requirements and deliverables
  • Partner with internal teams to align and evaluate best integration strategy for all features and functions as agreed with a partner
  • Proactively identify changes in work scope and ensure appropriate planning measures are taken with internal and external stakeholders to reassess and amend the scope of work requirements, budget and timeline
  • Track scope and priority changes and their impact on the cost/timeframe of the project delivery
  • Analyze risk, establish contingency plans and identify trigger events and responsibilities for initiating mitigating action
  • Ensure adherence to internal Project Management policies and follow the approved process for managing projects and required deliverables. Ensure documentation is complete, current, and stored appropriately
  • Relationship Management with channel partners
  • Determine what constitutes successful closure of the projects for all parties. Gain acceptance and sign-off by all parties when closure is attained
  • Keep track of lessons learned and share those lessons with team members as appropriate
  • Track scope and priority changes and their impact on the cost/timeframe of the project delivery
  • Track errors and delays and determine how they impact the project from a cost and potential business impact point of view
  • Ensure project legal documents are completed and signed
  • Collect and record feedback from partners on the current Kaspersky integration services with a view to further improve them

Personal Skills:

  • Good presentation, communication, and facilitation/problem-solving skills
  • Effective at working directly with senior leadership as well as front-line staff
  • Self-motivated, strong attention to detail, analytical and results driven
  • Ability to work in a fast-paced, results-oriented climate; across functional areas and multiple locations
  • Ability and drive to learn new technologies and continuously expand the field of expertise

Work experience

  • 2+ years experience as an IT Project Manager/Technical Account Manager/Service Delivery Manager/Solutions Engineer
  • Previous experience of managing IT projects, presales etc.
  • Previous cross-cultural experience
  • Ideally previous experience in software industry / international software vendor

Knowledge, skills and abilities

  • Functional knowledge and skills:
    • A thorough understanding of all the key stages within an integration project lifecycle
    • Excellent spoken and written communication skills
    • Additional technical skills (SQL, Python, web development etc) is a bonus
    • Good understanding of APIs use and implementation thereof (API calls, SOAP/REST protocols) is a bonus
  • Business expertise:
    • Experience/Exposure to channel sales of IT products/services
    • Ability to assess project risks and broader business impact for standard and non-standard projects
  • Please make sure you know:
    - Software deployment stages, like what is UAT
    - What is REST API and json
    - TCP/IP stack/model basics (layers, protocols)
    - SSL and certificates, what is root certificate, CA, TLS
    - Client-server model
    - Postman experience with any API - will be a bonus
    - What are SDKs (.NET as an example), what is WSDL
    - Webservers and how they work (IIS as an example)
    - Firewalls, IP filtration, IPv4 subnet masks
    - Typical HTTP error codes
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